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Top Coats is a mobile salon providing complete grooming and wellness treatments for dogs.

Grooming at your home is not only more convenient for you but is less stressful for your pooch. We work on one dog at a time so they have our one on one undivided attention, and we always hand dry so they are never left in drying cabinets and cages. The dog enjoys the quiet and calm of the mobile salon without the interference of other noisy dogs waiting to be groomed, so we are ideal for unsociable, nervous or elderly dogs. The whole process takes approximately one hour depending on what is required and once the dog steps out of the van he is already home! We've been in business since 2001, and have built a very loyal customers base and affiliations with other small businesses and charities where the welfare of your dog is paramount.


2016 holds quite a few changes for Top Coats as plans for the static salon are underway. The new mobile salon has been a joy to work in and to coincide with the building of the new staic salon (to cope with demand) we shall be giving Top Coats a change of brand colours.


We plan to have a brand new site by the end of this summer that refelcts our position at the forefront of modern dog grooming.

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Please call to see if we work in your area.We work in the Sussex area.

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Our fully comprehensive services include:

• Full clip and trim
• Washing & drying
• Flea treatment
• Coat cleaning and conditioning.
• Nail clipping
• I.D micro-chipping